Planning for your long-pending vacation only to find that your suitcase wheels are broken?

Have you forgotten the number lock combination of your suitcase?

It was a good trip but it did end on a sour note when the airlines broke your suitcase trolley?

Rather than purchasing a new suitcase, try Laundrology’s suitcase repairing service and put your suitcase to work again.

With the added convenience of Laundrology’s pickup & delivery service, choosing the best suitcase repairing service in Bengaluru is easy. .

Laundrology offers the following suitcase repairing services

  • Runner and Zip Changes
  • Suitcase trolley change
  • Suitcase wheel replacement
  • Suitcase bottom stand change
  • Suitcase handle change
  • Fibre change

For a more comprehensive list of repairing services, refer here.

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