Bag Cleaning by Laundrology ensures that your bags get a new lease of life and end up looking like new. Also, constant deposits of dirt and grime can damage your leathers, so a bag spa ensures that your bag has a longer life span:

As a trusted bag cleaning service provider in Bangalore, we take special care to ensure that your shoulder bags, wallets, backpacks, laptop bags are thoroughly cleaned and conditioned, including the linings. For leather, suede and nubuck bags, leather conditioning treatment is also applied.

With the added convenience of Laundrology’s pickup & delivery service, choosing the best laundry service for bag cleaning and conditioning in Bengaluru is easy. .

Suitable Items:

  • Leathers & Suede Bags
  • Travel & Laptop Bags
  • Wallets
  • Small purses
  • Shoulder & Hobo Bags
  • Crossbody Bags
  • School Bags

Not recommended for

  • Grass woven Bags
  • Batik & Other Cloth Bags with no proper dye fixing (chance of colour bleed)
  • Straw Bags

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