Pure, handloom silks are expensive and is a treasured part of every Indian household. From the Patolas of the west to the Benares of the North, from Mugas & Tussars of the East to the Kanchipurams of the South, our diverse handlooms occupy a pride of place in our wardrobe

When it comes to preserving your handlooms, Laundrology’s automatic roll press & polishing service will ensure that the life of your silks is extended and not compromised with no loss of its lustre or shine.

Compared to the normal steam press, where uncontrolled heat is applied directly on the saree fibres, damaging the natural fibres’ tensile strength, making it weak and easily damagable, Laundrology’s automated roll press ensures that each part of your silk saree is not in direct contact with heat. There are foam rollers that ensure that controlled heat is indirectly applied to the saree with minimum time of contact. Our polish is applied through automatic sprayers ensuring even and uniform distribution

Laundrology’s Superior Roll Press and Polishing trumps for the following reasons:

  • No direct contact of your silk with heat
  • Minimal, controlled heat application, keeping the integrity of the silk fibres intact
  • Automated even and uniform polishing
  • Custom folding to prevent deep crease folds.
  • Organic polish that does not destroy the silk

With the added convenience of Laundrology’s pickup & delivery service, choosing the best saree roll press and polishing service in Bengaluru is easy.

Recommended For:

  • All types of pure silks
  • Sarees that have lost lustre and shine
  • Sarees that have deep fold creases

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