Your search for the best curtain cleaning services in Bangalore ends here. Look no further to get your draperies, cleaned and pleated to perfection. We are well aware of the effort you have put in to get the drapes in place - from procuring the fabrics to getting them measured and stitched to hanging them in place.

But these drapes have to be cleaned from time to time for the following reasons”

  • Accumulation of dirt on the weaves and pleats
  • They trap allergens like mites, moulds, spores, and pet hairs
  • They absorb odours lending a heavy smell to the house.
  • Accumulated dirt blocks out light
  • Regular cleaning of your curtains and drapes should be part of your household routine and is essential for mental and physical well-being. We advise you to give them a deep clean about twice a year, but you may need to clean them more often if your home is prone to dust or odours.

    With the added convenience of Laundrology’s pickup & delivery service, choosing the best laundry service for curtain and drapery cleaning in Bengaluru is easy.

    Suitable Items:

    • Curtains with Lining
    • Silk, Velvet & Brocade Curtains
    • Roman Blinds
    • Venetian Blinds
    • Door Curtains
    • Blackout Curtains
    • Pinch Pleat & Grommet Draperies
    • Toppers and Valances

    Not recommended for

    • PVC Blinds
    • Wood Panelled Blinds
    • Straw Blinds

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