Laundrology’s Leather Cleaning Service cleans, conditions and protects leather articles. Pure Leather is a highly durable material but in order to get the best life out of it, the stains, accumulated dirt and grime, possible mould and fungus etc have to be treated and cleaned, ensuring that the leather articles look their best for years to come.

As part of Laundrology’s professional leather cleaning, our experts know treated leather from untreated leather, from faux leather to bonded leather and chooses the best treatment for eah type of article.

Following are the reasons to clean and condition your leather items

  • Prevents buildup of dirt and oil
  • Moulds and Fungi grow on damp leather. At the first occurrence, cleaning and treating it will prevent the mould from destroying leather
  • Increases the durability of the items
  • Stains on leather will make the grain weak and make it more susceptible to damage.
  • Reapplies the leather’s protective coating resisting future likelihood of moulds and dirt

With the added convenience of Laundrology’s pickup & delivery service, choosing the best leather cleaning service in Bengaluru is easy .

Suitable Leather Items:

  • Leather Jackets
  • Leather Coats
  • Leather Pants & Skirts
  • Leather Belts
  • Leather Bags & Purses
  • Leather Wallets
  • Leather Car Seats
  • Leather Gloves

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